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Facebook launches face recognition tool in India 27 August 2015

Facebook has launched a facial recognition tool in India that it withheld in Europe due to privacy legislation concerns.

MorphoTrust launches mobile driver license pilot in Iowa 27 August 2015

Iowa Department of Transportation employees are the first in the nation to use the MorphoTrust mobile driver license software featuring facial recognition technology.

Cardlogix launches biometric card series 27 August 2015

Smart card firm Cardlogix has added a biometric capability to its microprocessor smart card development platform, M.O.S.T. Toolz.

‘Social biometrics’ firm raises over US$2.5 investment 26 August 2015

Real-time online identity verification solutions firm Socure has gained investment from Flint Capital, an international venture capital fund investing across US, Israel and Europe.

Precise Biometrics software integrated in Chinese smartphones 26 August 2015

Sweden’s Precise Biometrics has revealed that its product for fingerprint recognition in mobile devices, Precise BioMatch Mobile, has through cooperation with Fingerprint Cards (FPC) been integrated in three new smartphones from a Chinese manufacturer.


SDW 2016 May 10-12 2016, London

The world’s leading document security show – now with the largest exhibition in history - focuses on ePassports, visas, driving licenses, national IDs, worker credentials, advanced border control, anti- counterfeiting, fraud detection, and much more.

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Behavioural data reveals rise in online fraud in Q2 26 August 2015

Fraud detection software firm NuData Security has noted that of the over 500 million account creations it analysed in the last quarter, more than 57 percent were flagged as high risk or fraudulent, compared to 28 percent in February through April.

Imprivata launches palm-vein based patient ID platform 26 August 2015

Healthcare identity firm Imprivata has launched a palm-vein scanning solution that creates a one-to-one link between patients and their correct medial record in their provider’s electronic health record (EHR) system.

Suprema unveils new version of biometric security platform 25 August 2015

South Korean biometrics firm Suprema has unveiled a major update to a biometric security platform that was released earlier this year.

Researchers reawaken iris-ageing debate 25 August 2015

Researchers have raised questions over a National Institute of Standards and Technology study into the potentially detrimental effects of ageing on iris-based biometric identification – claims which NIST has rebutted as “quantitatively irrelevant”.

Biometric voting pilot in Pakistan marred by low ID rate 25 August 2015

A biometric voting pilot held in a by-election in Pakistan has succeeded in identifying only 46% of voters, with a number of reasons blamed for the low rate.

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connect:ID 2016

This cutting-edge event is unique in that it gets under the hood of the whole ID market - from the issuing of secure credentials by government to the online digital identity revolution that could see passwords replaced and transactions secured with biometrics.

Latest Interviews

Interview: Aware’s David Benini

Planet Biometrics caught up with David Benini, VP of market, to uncover insights about Aware’s strategy in regions such as Latin America and to discuss his views on the “fourth wave” of biometrics adoption.

Interview – Conor White, Daon Americas President on IdentityX

Planet Biometrics talked to Conor White, Americas President at Daon, about the firm’s motivations in developing the IdentityX solution.

Interview: USAA’s Gary McAlum on biometric banking

Planet Biometrics talked to USAA's Gary McAlum, CSO and SVP of Enterprise Security, about the financial service provider's biometric banking app.

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Company Spotlights

Company Spotlight: Regula

Document, banknote and securities authentication firm Regula discusses the latest industry trends and their company's history.

Company Spotlight: Speed Identity

Swedish biometric data capture and enrollment firm Speed Identity discusses the latest industry trends and their company's history with Planet Biometrics.

Latest Features

Feature: Smartphone security – It’s all in the eyes

Iris scanners are increasingly becoming a key focus for mobile device manufacturers as they look for that convenient and secure method to make sure users can keep their devices protected. 

Feature: Mobile identity and unlocking the DNA of trust

For financial service providers this  presents significant opportunities to better engage with customers in a much more personalised way, 

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