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Feature: Iris solution helps Syrian refugees glimpse bright future
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Synaptics’ Alfred Woo on ‘in-glass’ fingerprint sensors
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2FA licences BIO-key for fingerprint authentication 08 February 2016

BIO-key International has announced that cybersecurity company 2FA has licensed BIO-key’s fingerprint biometric authentication technology and incorporated it into the 2FA ONE authentication platform.

Macau casinos deploy Cognitec face recognition system 08 February 2016

Major Macau casinos have deployed a specialised face recognition technology developed by German biometric firm Cognitec to alert security staff in real time about banned persons entering the premises. 

Payment platform Worldcore incorporates voice biometrics 08 February 2016

Payment platform Worldcore has announced that it has integrated voice biometrics technologies into its solutions.

SecuGen to showcase fingerprint sensor ahead of launch 08 February 2016

Optical fingerprint device and technology vendor SecuGen plans to demonstrate the capabilities of its new UN20 Serial fingerprint sensor at a conference ahead of its launch.

Bangladesh launches prisoner biometric database 08 February 2016

Senior officials in Bangladesh have launched a biometric database for prisoners that will store the data from 68 prisons across the country.


SDW 2016 May 10-12 2016, London

The world’s leading document security show – now with the largest exhibition in history - focuses on ePassports, visas, driving licenses, national IDs, worker credentials, advanced border control, anti- counterfeiting, fraud detection, and much more.

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Biometrics reveal 23,000 ghost civil workers in Nigeria 05 February 2016

Biometric Verification Numbers used to tackle fraud in Nigeria have uncovered some 23,000 ‘ghost’ civil servants drawing salaries.

Handprints used to secure new Calais camp 05 February 2016

French security forces have turned to biometric handprint checks to secure a new migrant camp being built in Calais.

Global mobile payments to leap 38% this year 05 February 2016

Increased use of the mobile payment solutions offered by industry giants such as Apple and Samsung will see the market grow some 38% this year, according to a Taiwan-based IT research firm.

Study explores biometric data as 'currency' for govt services 04 February 2016

US citizens are still wary of exchanging biometric data for more personalised or expedited government services, according to a new survey.

Fingerprint Cards credits China mPayment potential for growth 04 February 2016

Swedish biometrics firm Fingerprint Cards has cited sales in China linked to mPayment confidence as a major reason behind its surging sales levels in 2015.

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connect:ID 2016

This cutting-edge event is unique in that it gets under the hood of the whole ID market - from the issuing of secure credentials by government to the online digital identity revolution that could see passwords replaced and transactions secured with biometrics.


Integrated Biometrics VP David Gerulski on exorcising Pakistan’s ‘ghost teachers’ 11 January 2016

A ‘ghost teacher’ problem in Pakistan that had grown so bad it led to the closure of thousands of schools is finally being addressed through biometrics. Planet Biometrics talked to Integrated Biometrics Vice President David Gerulski about the unique challenges the project raised.

Interview: Hoyos Labs CEO Hector Hoyos on mobility and multimodal biometrics 14 December 2015

Planet Biometrics took time out to speak with Hoyos Labs CEO Hector Hoyos about mobility, multimodal hardware versus software, and other biometric trends.

Interview: Cognitec’s Elke Oberg on real-time face recognition 10 December 2015

Face recognition in real-time has been a long-running challenge for the industry, Planet Biometrics talked to Cognitec’s ‎marketing manager, Elke Oberg, about the complexities of the technology and the solutions involved.

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Company Spotlights

Company Spotlight: Regula

Document, banknote and securities authentication firm Regula discusses the latest industry trends and their company's history.

Company Spotlight: Speed Identity

Swedish biometric data capture and enrollment firm Speed Identity discusses the latest industry trends and their company's history with Planet Biometrics.

Latest Features

Guest blog: Physical attributes versus behavioural patterns – The privacy debate

There are several factors companies must consider before relying on physical biometric technology to authenticate users in an online environment

Iris solution helps refugees glimpse a brighter future

In Jordan, a biometrics-backed project launched by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is helping Syrian refugees lead a normal life.  

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