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Feature: Iris solution helps Syrian refugees glimpse bright future
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Border expert suggests alternatives to Trump's ‘travel ban’ 16 February 2017

Former 9/11 commission border counsel and special counsel to the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, Janice Kephart has said that a ‘travel ban’ section of President Donald Trump’s recent executive order “is unnecessary and discriminatory”.

MePin adds biometric layer to authentication platform 16 February 2017

Finnish customer authentication firm MePin has added biometric security to its it's MePIN Universal Authentication platform.

Vision-Box deploys biometric gates at French border of St. Pancras 15 February 2017

Portugese biometric border solutions firm Vision-Box has implemented face recognition-enabled ABC biometric gates at French border for the Eurostar rail link in St Pancras station in London.

The iPhone 8: Apple patents LED-based fingerprint solution 15 February 2017

Apple has patented a new authentication solution for smartphones that would see a range of micro-LEDs used for fingerprint recognition rather than a dedicated sensor.

Face recognition in Missouri shop checks against watchlist 15 February 2017

A network of shops in the US state of Missouri have installed face recognition cameras that can detect if a shopper is wearing a mask or is a previous shoplifter.

Firm developing border avatars with biometrics 15 February 2017

A company from Luxembourg is developing an animated border guard system that could involve avatars questioning passengers at home on their mobile, PCs or tablets, while using facial recognition for security.

FST's IMID integrated with security solution 15 February 2017

Israeli biometrics firm FST, which has developed IMID in-motion visual identification technology, has said the solution has been integrated with AMAG's Symmetry access control.

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Nuance partners with BioCatch on fraud detection 14 February 2017

Voice biometrics and recognition firm Nuance has revealed plans to work with behavioural biometrics company BioCatch on anti-fraud solutions.

US states considering biometrics legislation 14 February 2017

Following the lead set by Illinois, four other US states are now considering legislation related to biometric data.

Precise Biometrics reports fall in profit, net sales rise 14 February 2017

Sweden’s Precise Biometrics has reported a rise in consolidated net sales to SEK 25.7 million (US$2.8m) in the fourth quarter, but a fall in operating profit before depreciation to SEK 3.8 million.

Citi Malaysia highlights voice biometric benefits 10 February 2017

Citi Malaysia has said that voice biometrics are having a major impact on its customer operations although the technology was only implemented last year.

Imprimerie Nationale Group delivers biometric ID platform for Djibouti 10 February 2017

Secure identity solutions firm Imprimerie Nationale Group has announced that it has delivered a multi biometric ID documents platform for the Republic of Djibouti.

Report: S Korean firms could participate in UN ‘smartcard’ project 10 February 2017

The UN is mulling a biometric ID card that could be used by its staff and representatives, a former senior official has told South Korean media.

Precise Biometrics finalises NexID Biometrics acquisition 10 February 2017

Swedish fingerprint Precise Biometrics sensor and software firm has finalised its purchase of US-based liveness detection specialists NexID.

Biometric test launched at Port of Virginia 10 February 2017

Norfolk International Terminals (NIT) at the Port of Virginia has begun a biometric access trial that allows truckers access through fingerprint scans.

China to fingerprint all foreign visitors 09 February 2017

All foreign visitors to China will now be fingerprinted at border points to enhance national security, the Ministry of Public Security said on Thursday.

Report: Belgian police mulling face recognition on highway cameras 09 February 2017

Belgian newspapers have reported that a new police plan for future surveillance cameras on roads will include a provision for face recognition.

German migration agency to fingerprint all refugees 09 February 2017

Germany’s federal migration agency has stated that all its regional outposts must ensure that every refugee is fingerprinted on their arrival in the country.

Vision-Box highlights role in Schiphol face recognition pilot 09 February 2017

Portuguese identity firm Vision-Box has noted that its technology is being used in a key face recognition pilot in the Netherland’s Schiphol airport.

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Guest post: Five industries that will benefit from flexible fingerprint sensors 07 February 2017

Flexible fingerprint sensors can bring value and boost the implementation of fingerprint imaging technology in five key industries.

Guest Post: Are voice biometrics trustworthy? 24 November 2016

For voice biometrics to be trusted and ubiquitous, it must be unobtrusive, robust and secure. 

Guest post: Don’t take a holiday from biometrics advocacy 22 November 2016

Splashy headlines and erroneous news reports on biometrics make it harder for manufacturers and vendors to move the industry forward.

Interview: Unisys' Adam Oldfield on banking’s investment in biometrics 15 November 2016

Planet Biometrics talks to Adam Oldfield, the EMEA Financial Services Sales Director at Unisys, about key trends shaping banking's convergence with biometrics.

Interview: STC Group on the launch of OnePass 21 September 2016

Planet Biometrics caught up with STC Group to learn more about its multimodal OnePass solution.

Interview: Vkansee president Jason Chaikin on iris and banking 25 August 2016

Planet Biometrics caught up with Vkansee president Jason Chaikin to gather his thoughts on iris solutions for mobile banking.

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Company Spotlights

Company Spotlight: Regula

Document, banknote and securities authentication firm Regula discusses the latest industry trends and their company's history.

Company Spotlight: Speed Identity

Swedish biometric data capture and enrollment firm Speed Identity discusses the latest industry trends and their company's history with Planet Biometrics.

Latest Features

Guest blog: Physical attributes versus behavioural patterns – The privacy debate

There are several factors companies must consider before relying on physical biometric technology to authenticate users in an online environment

Iris solution helps refugees glimpse a brighter future

In Jordan, a biometrics-backed project launched by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is helping Syrian refugees lead a normal life.  

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