Feature: The World Bank's identity vision
Finding Pakistan's 'ghost teachers'
Feature: Iris solution helps Syrian refugees glimpse bright future
Interview: Mitek's Michael Hagen
Synaptics’ Alfred Woo on ‘in-glass’ fingerprint sensors
Blog: The human element in face recognition
Interview – Next Biometrics' Tore Etholm-Idsoe
Analysis: Biometrics and forensics
Blog: Banking goes biometric

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Russia’s biggest bank planning biometric deployments 26 May 2016

The CEO of Russia’s Sberbank has revealed plans to limit card usage in future years in favour of biometric authentication methods including voice.

Researchers propose driving data as unique identifier 26 May 2016

A group of researchers has found that the rich data that is gathered from driving is enough to identify people with accuracy.

Kenyan bank adds fingerprint ID on mobile app 26 May 2016

Kenya’s GTBank has become the first in the country to launch fingerprint recognition in its mobile banking app.

Report: MacBook Pro 2016 to get fingerprint sensor 26 May 2016

The new iteration of the Apple MacBook could feature a fingerprint sensor and a touch screen, according to an influential analyst.

Dutch court rules that fingerprints mandatory for ePassport 26 May 2016

A court in the Netherlands has ruled that authorities can refuse a passport to people who won’t give their fingerprints.

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Survey: 80 percent see biometrics as more secure than passwords 25 May 2016

A survey of 4,000 consumers in the US and the UK has found that some 80 percent of consumers believe biometric authentication is more secure than traditional usernames and passwords.

Crossmatch marks 20 years in identity and authentication 25 May 2016

Biometric identity solutions specialist Crossmatch has reached its 20th anniversary in the identity and authentication market. 

HID Global recognised for China theme park solution 25 May 2016

Identity solutions firm HID Global has won an award for a fingerprint recognition access system implemented at Chinese theme parks.

Google eyes behavioural solution for continuous authentication 25 May 2016

Google has revealed plans for an authentication convergence strategy which would see rich behavioural data gathered from mobiles and then used for continuous authentication on both smartphones and desktops.

EAB calls for biometric award nominations 24 May 2016

The European Association for Biometrics (EAB) is launching a call for nominations for the tenth European Biometrics Research and Industry Awards.

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connect:ID 2016

This cutting-edge event is unique in that it gets under the hood of the whole ID market - from the issuing of secure credentials by government to the online digital identity revolution that could see passwords replaced and transactions secured with biometrics.


Q&A: Hector Hoyos on biometrics and mobile commerce 26 May 2016

Planet Biometrics caught up with Hector Hoyos, Founder of Hoyos Labs and Chairman of the Hoyos Group, to gather his thoughts on the future of mobile commerce and biometrics.

Interview: Hans Miller on the Mobile Passport Control app 13 April 2016

A Mobile Passport Control (MPC) app is making life easier for US and Canadian arrivals at a growing number of US airports

How US government can go mobile with FIDO 12 April 2016

For agencies looking to optimize security, usability, privacy, and effectively performing their missions, FIDO’s open, interoperable industry specifications can help them obtain the best of all worlds. 

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Company Spotlights

Company Spotlight: Regula

Document, banknote and securities authentication firm Regula discusses the latest industry trends and their company's history.

Company Spotlight: Speed Identity

Swedish biometric data capture and enrollment firm Speed Identity discusses the latest industry trends and their company's history with Planet Biometrics.

Latest Features

Guest blog: Physical attributes versus behavioural patterns – The privacy debate

There are several factors companies must consider before relying on physical biometric technology to authenticate users in an online environment

Iris solution helps refugees glimpse a brighter future

In Jordan, a biometrics-backed project launched by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is helping Syrian refugees lead a normal life.  

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