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UK Biometrics Commissioner wants simpler process for early deletion of DNA and fingerprints 24 October 2014

Commissioner says it would be desirable to have an early deletion process which is significantly less restrictive than that which is proposed in the draft Guidance

Apple and Samsung to propel fingerprint sensor adoption to 1.4 billion units by 2020 24 October 2014

Fingerprint sensors dominate the surge in sensor revenue expected between now and 2020 with Apple and Samsung leading the way.

UK gov introduces biometric signature capture at job centres 24 October 2014

The UK government is introducing new digital technology at job centres across the country, including biometric signature capture.

VAMPIRE device brings real-time fingerprint analysis to incident scenes 24 October 2014

Booz Allen has announced a new device designed to help law enforcement and the military conduct immediate fingerprint analysis at an incident scene

Biometrics Institute proposes biometric trust mark 24 October 2014

The Biometrics Institute has unveiled its proposals for a ‘trust mark’ system to boost consumer and public confidence in systems using biometric technology.

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> connect:ID March 23 - 25 2015, Washington, D.C

connect:ID is a visionary event, powered by Science Media Partners and the International Biometrics & Identification Association (IBIA), that focuses on all aspects of human identity and the opportunities for its management in the physical and digital worlds.

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Gemalto reveals revenue growth in third quarter 23 October 2014

French-Dutch chip-card company Gemalto saw healthy growth in revenues in the third quarter and is targeting double digit figures for 2014.

Microsoft targets two factor authentication for Windows 10 23 October 2014

A Microsoft blog focusing on security in Windows 10 details how the new operating system is looking at two factor authentication including biometrics, such as fingerprints.

Cloud-based face and speaker recognition APIs now on Okta 23 October 2014

KeyLemon, a provider of biometric ID and motion analysis technologies, has announced that access to its biometric web service is available via the Okta dashboard.

Aware reveals third quarter revenue boost 22 October 2014

Biometrics software and services provider Aware has seen revenues grow in the third quarter of 2014. 

Intel invests in Chinese iris recognition firm 22 October 2014

Chipmaker giant Intel has invested in a Chinese biometrics firm in the first tranche of a China-focused investment fund.

Google deploys FIDO authentication with Security Key 22 October 2014

Chrome has become the first web browser to implement support for FIDO Alliance authentication standards.

New Zealand police target boozers with biometrics 21 October 2014

The New Zealand police are launching a system that will scan the fingerprints of suspected drink drivers for faster identification. 

Details emerge of facial recognition in Android’s Lollipop 21 October 2014

Android experts who previewed the latest iteration of the operating system say a new facial recognition feature could compete with Apple’s biometric innovations.

NexID cites increased anti-spoofing accuracy with update 21 October 2014

Anti-spoofing software company NexID says the latest version of its SDK can detect almost all fake fingerprint images.

Fujitsu patents new vein authentication methods 21 October 2014

Japanese electronics firm Fujitsu has filed new patents in the US related to new vein authentication methods and devices.

Precise Biometrics reveals financial results for 2014 21 October 2014

Swedish fingerprint algorithm firm Precise Biometrics has revealed results for 2014 up until September.

Dropbox looks to biometrics for added security 20 October 2014

Cloud-based data storage firm Dropbox has added a new level of biometric security to its iOS app by linking to Apple’s Touch ID.

Australian committee rules against biometric plan 20 October 2014

An Australian parliamentary committee has said terror-related plans to collect more biometric data at airports cannot be rushed through. 

INTERVIEW: Senior IHS analyst Marwan Boustany on fingerprint sensors in a mobile world 20 October 2014

Planet Biometrics talks to Marwan Boustany, about the prospects of mobile devices revolutionising the fingerprint sensor market.

Apple puts payments at our fingertips, but at what cost? 20 October 2014

Apple Pay has launched in the US, with some observers hailing it as revolutionary and others questioning whether it will have a major impact.

Abu Dhabi bank launches voice biometrics system 20 October 2014

The Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank is working with Nuance on a voice authentication system for customer transactions.

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INTERVIEW: Senior IHS analyst Marwan Boustany on fingerprint sensors in a mobile world

Planet Biometrics talks to Marwan Boustany, about the prospects of mobile devices revolutionising the fingerprint sensor market.

INTERVIEW: Natural Security Alliance CEO Cédric Hozanne on mobile payments

Planet Biometrics talks to Natural Security Alliance CEO Cedric Hozanne about his organisation’s mission to guide the rapidly expanding mobile payments market.

INTERVIEW: American System’s Dr. Joseph DiZinno on ‘identity intelligence’

Joseph DiZinno was named vice president of identity intelligence at American Systems in early September. In an interview with Planet Biometrics, DiZinno explains his work on ‘identity intelligence’ and covers his colourful past as the FBI’s lab director.

Waving goodbye to queues with your fingerprint?

Advanced optical biometric devices that read fingerprints at walking speed, as users wave their hands through scanners, promise to resolve speed issues raised by previous biometric authentication methods. But experts caution that it may not be so straightforward.

Apple Pay - What do we know?

In this paper, independent transaction security experts UL describe what is known about Apple Pay in both a technical and organizational context, as well as what questions still remain to be answered. 

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Latest Expert Comment and Blogs

Comment: Commercial vein sensor spoofed - so what?

The vein recognition industry has been somewhat immune from the problem of biometric spoof attacks. This perception could gradually change as researchers spoof - at least under specific limitations - a commercial sensor. But one could argue - so what, at least for the majority of use cases…

LIVE at the 2014 Global Identity Summit

Planet Biometrics is following all the breaking news, comment and events at the 2014 Global Identity Summit in Tampa.


Guest Blog: Biometrics emerge as tool to tackle electoral fraud

More democratic countries are eyeing adoption of biometric voter identification technologies to help support free and fair elections. Guest blogger, Mohammad Shahnewaz, reports…

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