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Synaptics’ Alfred Woo on ‘in-glass’ fingerprint sensors
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Securiport scoops award for biometric passenger solution 30 November 2015

Passenger biometric recognition and immigration processing firm Securiport has won an award for its biometric border security solutions.

Baghdad chemist chooses facial biometrics for security 30 November 2015

A drug store located in Baghdad’s former “Green Zone” has contracted Malaysian firm Fingertec to provide a facial recognition-based time and attendance system.

Stakes are raised in biometric payment wars 27 November 2015

Competition is rising between the major players in biometrics-backed payment authentication services, with Apple and Samsung offering customers a range of incentives to use fingerprint purchasing.

Biometric data collection to begin at South African airport 27 November 2015

A biometric entry pilot that is launching in South Africa will get underway at the country’s OR Tambo airport before the end of November, according to senior officials.

Biometrics raise voter issues in the Philippines 27 November 2015

Groups are crying foul over a biometric registration process in the Philippines that seems set to disenfranchise over 2 million voters.


SDW 2016 May 10-12 2016, London

The world’s leading document security show – now with the largest exhibition in history - focuses on ePassports, visas, driving licenses, national IDs, worker credentials, advanced border control, anti- counterfeiting, fraud detection, and much more.

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Researchers use infrared light on skin for face liveness 26 November 2015

Scientists at the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences have uncovered a skin detection process that uses infrared imaging to boost facial recognition’s effectiveness.

EC urges Cyprus to implement Eurodac regulation 26 November 2015

The European Commission has urged Cyprus to implement a new regulation on an EU asylum fingerprint database that would enable it to benefits from updates to the system.

Ultra-thin glass features in smartphone fingerprint sensors 26 November 2015

Specialist glass manufacturer SCHOTT has revealed that its D263 T eco ultra-thin glass features in smartphone fingerprint sensors.

Fingerprint Cards reveals Huawei deployment, revenues guidance 26 November 2015

Swedish fingerprint sensor maker Fingerprint Cards has announced that its sensor features in the Huawei Mate 8, and that its 2016 revenue guidance will be revealed on 9 December.

Australia’s NSW to launch mobile driving licences by 2018 25 November 2015

The New South Wales state government has announced that driving licences will be moving to mobile devices by 2018, following similar deployments with other licences.

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connect:ID 2016

This cutting-edge event is unique in that it gets under the hood of the whole ID market - from the issuing of secure credentials by government to the online digital identity revolution that could see passwords replaced and transactions secured with biometrics.

Latest Interviews

Interview: Mitek's Michael Hagen

Planet Biometrics conducted an audio interview with Michael Hagen, managing director and corporate ID strategist, Mitek, about his firm's new solution and mobile ID trends.

Synaptics’ Alfred Woo on ‘in-glass’ fingerprint sensors

A wave of fingerprint sensor deployments on smartphones this year has been accompanied by increasing variety in the formats being implemented. Planet Biometrics talked to Alfred Woo, senior director of Marketing and Communications at Synaptics, about these swirling trends.

Interview – Next Biometrics CEO Tore Etholm-Idsoe

Fingerprint sensor deployments on smartphones and tablets have dominated the biometrics news in 2015, but could this tech race actually threaten the industry's long-term future? Planet Biometrics asks Tore Etholm-Idsoe, CEO of NEXT Biometrics.

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Company Spotlights

Sponsored: BIODIT drives biometric car security forward with CarSec®

Wireless biometric access control specialist BIODIT has launched a biometric car security device with the potential to revolutionise how we protect vehicles against theft.

Company Spotlight: Regula

Document, banknote and securities authentication firm Regula discusses the latest industry trends and their company's history.

Company Spotlight: Speed Identity

Swedish biometric data capture and enrollment firm Speed Identity discusses the latest industry trends and their company's history with Planet Biometrics.

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Blog: Mobile wallets, fraud and behavioural solutions

Tracking behavioural patterns lets firms learn who the real user is behind the wallet, from the kind of device they use to even detecting behavioural anomalies over time.

Blog: Innovation in biometrics enables alternative payment methods

The adoption of biometrics for payments is leading to wide-scale disruption in the payment industry, enabling alternative methods for consumers to pay for goods and services in a variety of payment scenarios.

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IrisGuard IrisGuard is the world leader in biometric technology that pioneered iris recognition development and applications in homeland security, banking & finance with a network of 5 operational offices in the USA, UK, UAE, Switzerland and Jordan.
Lumidigm Lumidigm develops and deploys fingerprint sensors that use multispectral imaging to capture superior images quickly, on all people, in all environmental conditions. A Lumidigm solution is available for any application.
Accenture Accenture is helping leading governments and businesses use large scale biometrics matching to secure borders, enhance national security and provide more efficient services to citizens.
WCC Smart Search & Match WCC’s ELISE identity platform is a next generation approach that moves beyond federation to create truly integrated Person Centric Views by separating the technology platform from the matching algorithms.
Speed Identity Speed Identity is an innovative Swedish technology company supplying integrated biometric data capture solutions. The new Speed Capture G3 is the first cross-functional form factor.

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