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Qualcomm goes ultrasonic with 3D fingerprint sensor for touchscreens 02 March 2015

Qualcomm Technologies has launched a ultrasound fingerprint sensor that the firm says can be easily integrated into touchscreens. 

Novetta plans fingerprint vulnerability webinar and connect:ID demo 02 March 2015

Analytics and security firm Novetta plans to hold a web discussion on selecting the appropriate fingerprint systems to use for biometric security. 

San Francisco museum workers protest biometric clock-ins 27 February 2015

Employees from two San Francisco museums protested this week over plans to introduce a thumbprint-based biometric attendance system.

Pakistan completes biometric re-verification of 72 million SIMs 27 February 2015

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has completed the first phase of a biometric re-verification process designed to link the country’s entire population to their mobile phones. 

Infinity Optics reveals depth-of-field innovation 27 February 2015

Singaporean firm Infinity Optics has revealed a “massive” depth-of-field vision technique designed to improve iris and facial recognition capabilities.

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> connect:ID March 23 - 25 2015, Washington, D.C

connect:ID is a visionary event, powered by Science Media Partners and the International Biometrics & Identification Association (IBIA), that focuses on all aspects of human identity and the opportunities for its management in the physical and digital worlds.

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AGNITiO and Nok Nok Labs launch FIDO-ready voice products 27 February 2015

AGNITiO and Nok Nok Labs have launched a range of FIDO-Ready products to offer customers a “passwordless” experience, where a user is able to use their voice to securely log in and perform a transaction. launches cross-platform biometric mCommerce app 27 February 2015

Mobile payments startup has launched an app that allows customers to use either Apple’s Touch ID or Samsung’s fingerprint recognition to authenticate mobile payments.

Russian credit body turns facial recognition on loan fraudsters 26 February 2015

Russia’s National Bureau of Credit Histories (NBCH) and system integrator Technoserv are partnering on a project that will see facial recognition technology used on potential borrowers.

Sionic Mobile selects facial recognition by AuthenticID for consumer apps 26 February 2015

Mobile commerce firm Sionic Mobile will work with identity firm AuthenticID on a facial recognition solution that will integrate into the former’s consumer apps. 

Cypress joins FIDO Alliance for fingerprint reader plans 26 February 2015

Silicon Valley-based semiconductor design and manufacturing Cypress has joined the Fast IDentity Online (FIDO) Alliance.

EAB launches pan-European research consortium 26 February 2015

A pan-European consortium that aims to foster links between the region’s academia, industry players and governments for better biometrics innovation was officially inaugurated in London yesterday.

BioCatch granted behavioural biometric patent for mobiles 25 February 2015

Israeli behavioral biometrics firm BioCatch has been granted a US patent for identifying users on mobiles.

Iris ID solution selected for Canada—US crossings 25 February 2015

Iris ID has announced that it will be providing iris recognition technology to the Canada Border Services Agency’s NEXUS program. 

NEC provides face recognition technology to Surat City Police 25 February 2015

Surat City Police (Gujarat) in India have deployed a face recognition system as part of its safe city initiative.

IDEX reveals preliminary results for 2014, new appointments 24 February 2015

Norwegian fingerprint imaging and recognition technology firm IDEX has reported preliminary results for 2014 and key new appointments. 

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Tips for deploying voice biometrics

Banks, telcos and other organizations are enrolling voiceprints at ever increasing rate. But voice biometrics isn’t something that an organization can simply implement and assume success.

Blog: Do consumers dream of biometric payments?

For debit and credit card companies, biometric technology removes any question of whether a customer is actually present for the transaction, and is significantly more secure than issuing a PIN.

Interview: Visa Europe’s Jonathan Vaux on generation gaps and biometrics

Biometrics have a huge role to play in helping authenticate the customer in as painless and frictionless a way as possible, says Visa Europe's Jonathan Vaux.

Biometrics and passwords: Comparing apples and oranges

It has become standard practice to try to position biometric authentication against passwords. Yet the two technologies serve different purposes and follow completely distinct approaches.

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