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This section reports on how biometric technologies are being applied. It includes news and information on biometrics being used for physical access control, civil ID, data access and more…To narrow your search further please choose a specific category in the blue bar above.

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Novetta expands support for biometric standards development 28 April 2017

Advanced analytics technology firm Novetta has announced that Vice President of Special Projects, Michael Thieme, has been appointed Editor of ISO/IEC 30107-4 – Biometric presentation attack detection – Profile for evaluation of mobile devices. 

Foster+Freeman scanner enables forensic examination of epassports on the front line 28 April 2017

Secure identity solutions firm Foster+Freeman has launched a new compact passport and ID card imaging system.

I3 Develops iOS and Android application for large-scale facial recognition 28 April 2017

Biometrics firm Ideal Innovations Inc. (I3) has developed a facial recognition application that supports Android and iOS based platforms

IARPA launches face recognition contest 28 April 2017

The Intelligence Advanced Research Project Activity has revealed details of a face recognition contest it has launched.

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DERMALOG Identification Systems GmbH The German software company is a global market leader in biometric solutions. With products ranging from high-tech AFIS and border control systems to the most secure identity card in the world.
Regula Regula is the leading developer of specialized equipment for automatic travel documents authentication, forensic examination of secure documents and electronic information reference systems of passports, IDs, visas, driver’s licenses and banknotes..
SITA SITA's iBorders Border Management integrates biographic and biometric passenger data from across the global air transport industry (ATI) to help authorities efficiently conduct risk analysis and identity verification of inbound and outbound travelers at the main steps of their journey.
Cognitec Systems - The Face Recognition Company Cognitec develops market-leading face recognition technologies and applications for customers and government agencies around the world, with products for database search, video screening, border control, and photo capturing/quality assessment.
Speed Identity Speed Identity is an innovative Swedish technology company supplying integrated biometric data capture solutions. The new Speed Capture G3 is the first cross-functional form factor.

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