Iris recognition available on Android
27 February 2012 17:26 GMT

Iris for Android

Smart Sensors Limited has announced that its MIRLIN Iris Recognition SDK has been ported to the Android operating system for Smart Phones so it can offer strong and economic biometric identification for a new generation of security applications.

Two immediate classes of application come to mind for this development.

Firstly, Smart Sensors says that law enforcement agencies will be interested because Android means that low cost and ubiquitous hardware platforms can be used to run strong biometric authentication which officers can easily carry around with them. Smart Sensors is already working with partners developing multi-modal biometrics and other data collection solutions suitable for use in the field, and with software solutions that meet these needs.

Secondly, there is the issue of providing secure access to remotely hosted cloud computing resources. Martin George, CEO of Smart Sensors said: “With corporate customers increasingly using Smart Phones as a remote access terminal to valuable data and communications channels that need to be kept private only to authorised users, there is a whole new exciting area of business opening up to biometrics. Iris is an ideal solution because it is non-contact, and requires only a suitable digital photograph of the user’s eye."

Smart Sensors’ MIRLIN SDK for Android links with Java Native Interface (JNI) for user input so that apps employing iris recognition can easily be created by developers. Various CPU families can be supported, including ARM, Atmel, TI and Freescale.

The company does business by licensing its technology to OEMs and Systems Integrators, and is increasingly involved through its partners in several large scale deployments around the world where iris biometrics has been selected to provide a vital and strong identification mode for various demographic and environmental reasons.