Dermalog launches AFIS middleware
15 January 2014 16:50 GMT

DERMALOG Identification Systems has introduced middleware for its automated fingerprint identification system (AFIS). The middleware is flexible and can be integrated into any software application to enable fingerprint logins.

Using the DERMALOG FingerLogin keyboard or a fingerprint scanner that is connected to the PC with a USB cable, the unique fingerprints of employees become their own secure login credentials. The AFIS working in the background is scalable, allowing it to accommodate any number of users. Once the FingerLogin System has been installed, it can be used for additional applications such as controlling access to doors. Integration into existing software applications is simple thanks to the included SDKs.

The new middleware can be used for all major Windows and Linux operating systems. Windows Credential Providers that make it possible to log in to Windows 7 (and Windows Vista) using the middleware are also available.

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