Wind blown into vein recognition sails at Olympics
10 September 2012 13:16 GMT

Vein recognition used in Olympic sailing events in Weymouth

Finger vein technology has had wind blown into its sails as it was used to enhance security during Olympic sailing events in Dorset, UK.

Croma Security Solutions Group's CSS Biometrics division has said it deployed its FastVein Biometric system to Dorset Police's special events control centre for the London 2012 Olympic Games. FastVein uses finger vein technology from Hitachi.

The company said the biometric technology was a critical benefit during the London 2012 Olympic period where many hundreds of extra security personnel were temporarily on site.

FastVein was used by Dorset Police for identity assurance and management of secure access to sensitive areas at Dorset Police headquarters including the Dorset Police special events control centre and the strategic coordination centre.

Croma Group PLC and CSS Group Ltd completed a reverse acquisition earlier this year which resulted in the consolidation of the two security organisations. As part of the transition, Photobase Ltd. was rebranded as CSS Biometrics.