Smart Sensors eyes up access control market
18 September 2012 21:31 GMT

Smart Sensors, exhibiting at the Biometric Consortium event in Tampa, has just released a new iris-recognition based physical access control system, allowing touch-free entry and exit.

The competitively-priced device is made up from three components: a tamper-proof dual-eye iris recognition camera with an automatic face finding mechanism (this sits on the outside of the door); a control unit which holds its own local database of up to 20K users (on the secure side of the door); and a Wiegand controller which provides the control of the electronic lock.

Smart Sensors tell Planet Biometrics that the control box can be networked, so that the whole system can manage up to 250 doors. This functionality is managed by in-house developed software called ACID (Access Control Identity Manager), which performs enrolments, revocation, access control policies and log management.  It also synchronises all connected doors in an instant.

Martin George, CEO of the company told Planet Biometrics: “The system will initially be marketed and sold in the UK by Securefast, a publically listed distributor and installer of access control products and solutions.“

George said that the company is interested in talking with other distribution partners outside of the UK.