Brazil expands use of biometric voting
08 October 2012 15:09 GMT

Fingerprint gets Brazilian vote

Almost half a million electronic voting machines were in action in Brazil's municipal elections yesterday. In a pilot program, around 7.5 million of 140 million Brazilian voters were using fingerprint-based biometric machines.

Local reports said that a total of 501,923 electronic voting machines were operating in Brazil’s 5,568 municipalities this Sunday when approximately Brazilians were asked to vote for mayors, vice mayors and local legislators.

Brazil’s Federal Election Court (“Tribunal Superior Eleitoral – TSE”) wants every voter in the country to use biometric machines by 2018.

The new technology was first used in the 2008 elections. In case there is any doubt regarding the voter's identity, or their fingerprint is not recognized by the biometric system, there is a list with the photographs of all the voters of that area, which can be checked against.

The goal of the biometric registration programme is to eliminate the possibility of someone taking someone else's place to vote, making it practically impossible for frauds to be committed during the voting procedure.

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