Record breaking ID card for giants
04 December 2012 20:09 GMT

A record breaking ID card fit for a giant!

Good news for all giants out there. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Emirates Identity Authority has designed a super-sized eID card just for you!

It is unclear whether the card contains advanced biometrics, but it was certainly impressive enough to pass muster with experts from Guinness World Records who were in attendance to witness the unveiling of the card.

The Emirates Identity Authority seems to have a competitive streak for making world records. Just a few weeks ago, the Authority claimed a world record with World Record Academy for its database of civil integrated biometrics. (By the middle of October, the UAE population register system claimed a total of around 103 million fingerprints as well as palm and hand prints, and over 15 million facial prints and digital signatures.)

Today’s record was set in cooperation with Sultan bin Zayed's Culture & Media Center. The card was to be presented to His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, and other dignitaries as a part of the “Khalifa in World Languages” Project, sponsored by Emirates ID.

The Emirates Identity Authority isn’t the only organisation interested in setting world records. Other records include:

  • The most people arranged to form an image of a human fingerprint is 250 participants and achieved at an event organized by Villavicencio Argentina, at the Galileo Galilei Planetario, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on 14 July 2012;
  • DERMALOG Identification Systems believes it set a new world speed record in the identification of fingerprints in November last year
  • Mexico, Jan 2011 - First country to use iris scans on id cards
  • Most advanced biometric security method – set by Hitachi in Japan in Jan 2009