State of the Art Iris Recognition
25 January 2013 13:46 GMT

A superb iris recognition paper which outlines the present, past and future of the technology in particular looking at the state-of-the-art in terms of algorithms, fast identification solutions and forensic applications.

Planet Biometrics editors particularly found the forensic iris work interesting. MorphoTrust, the authors of the paper, say that iris images acquired in challenging environments or from uncooperative subjects may suffer from image problems. These images may not provide good match results. In this case, various techniques can be used to enhance the image to make it usable for automated matching.

MorphoTrust says it is developing a number of image enhancement tools for improving iris recognition performance. One of these is a prototype Iris Examiner Workstation, which is analogous to a Latent Examiner or Tenprint Examiner Workstation. Low quality images are never guaranteed to produce a hit. However, the tools provided in this software improve the likelihood, the company claims.

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