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Smart Sensors Limited (SSL), a provider of iris biometrics technology based in the United Kingdom, announces immediate availability of its MIRLIN Iris Biometrics software development toolkit (SDK) for iOS. This SDK will allow for integration of template generation and matching as well as advanced image compression capabilities into a wide variety of biometric apps running on iOS.

A perfect complement to the new AOptix® Stratus multi-modal biometric system from AOptix Technologies, aimed at border management, defence, civil ID programs and other applications, the MIRLIN iOS SDK provides application developers with a convenient tool so they can build high performance iris biometric functionality, including on-device template generation, compact image generation and fast matching. AOptix Stratus is the first comprehensive mobile identity solution Made for iPhone, delivering intuitive, integrated, and standards-compliant iris, fingerprint, voice, and face biometric capability.

Commenting on the news, Joey Pritikin, Director of Product Marketing for AOptix Identity Solutions, said: “We are delighted to see partners such as Smart Sensors create accessible development tools that support and extend the AOptix Stratus open architecture. This will enable our community of developers and integrators to bring high quality multi-modal biometric collection and matching solutions to end users in the shortest possible time.”

Functionality in the MIRLIN iOS SDK includes ISO 19794-6:2011 image handling, with conversion of raw images to compact image Type 3 and Type 7 formats, template generation and on-device matching at speeds exceeding 30,000 template comparisons per second. It offers excellent performance for local watchlist monitoring right in the operator’s hand. Mathematical accuracy in the MIRLIN iOS SDK is identical to its more powerful sister software for PC platforms. Type 3 and Type 7 compression formats are especially useful in mobile settings, where communications bandwidth can be constrained.

Smart Sensors offers a simple, economical and convenient run-time licensing scheme for application developers who want to build an iris biometric function into their products. The Company also offers much more powerful software development tools for creation of back-end high volume template generation and matching systems, such as those required where large biometric databases and identity management operations are to be processed.

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Claimed world first from Smart Sensors
Claimed world first from Smart Sensors

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