Signature capture on a fingerprint reader
15 January 2014 16:48 GMT

Fingerprint scanner with integrated signature capture

German provider of fingerprint-based AFIS technology, Dermalog, has rolled out a new system that not only captures rolled fingerprints and tenprints but also allows the user to sign the glass to register a signature.

 This new LF10 Fingerprint Scanner function means that, other than a pen, no additional hardware is required, such as a signature pad.

The fingerprint and signature are recorded on exactly the same scanning window - with each function accessed by swiping the glass window.

Dermalog says this technology covers the need for multifunctional devices for biometric identification. For example, it could be used in visa, security document applications, in elections, and so on.

In separate news the supplier also launched face recognition software called Interactive ICAO Face Check. The software enables face images to be taken in accordance with ICAO requirements while using a commercial webcam.

ICAO standards require frontal face image, neutral background, visibility of the face and correct facial expression.  Further biometric features from the international directive are currently being implemented in the software.

In addition to the live creation and check of a face image, the software can also perform biometric identification, in accordance with the features listed in ISO 19794-5, on images that have already been created.