Zwipe launches contactless biometric card
02 December 2013 14:45 GMT

Zwipe launches contactless biometric card

Zwipe, a company which develops secure authentication solutions for the payment and access control industries, is launching its Zwipe Access biometric card, a contactless card with full on-card fingerprint scanning and matching functionality.

The Zwipe Access card features on-card fingerprint matching using fingerprint touch sensors from Fingerprint Cards (FPC). The Zwipe Access card not only allows unique customer adaptation through multi-application functionality, it is also ISO 14443 compliant, which enables the card to work with existing contactless readers and access control infrastructure. Fingerprint data is stored inside the secure card and a positive match activates encrypted communication with a reader or lock. Only the owner of the card can activate the card, rendering lost or stolen cards inoperable.

“Providing secure personal ID authentication in an easy-to-use portable device has been our goal,” says Kim Kristian Humborstad, CEO of Zwipe. “Together with FPC’s touch sensor, we have achieved this in our Zwipe Access biometric card. The card provides a secure environment, protecting user data while still being able to communicate easily with access control systems using standard interfaces. FPC’s fingerprint sensors deliver the performance and functionality that our card product requires in an application where low power consumption and compact size are crucial.”

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