Registered traveller program relaunch for USA
02 August 2010 20:21 GMT

Indianapolis Airport Authority re-launches registered traveller

The Indianapolis Airport Authority (IAA) has announced it will re-open biometric-enabled expedited security lanes for registered travellers at Indianapolis International Airport (IND) from 16 August.

It is understood to be the first US airport to re-establish a registered traveller service since the CLEAR registered traveller program, which was operated by Verified Identity Pass, Inc., ceased operations last June.

The iQueue Priority Access program allows business travellers and other frequent fliers to pay a $169 annual membership fee for a biometric identity card that provides them expedited passage through airport security checkpoints.

Travellers can register on-site at IND from today (Monday, August 2).

CLEAR’s registered traveller program had over 250,000 enrolled members across the US, over 12,000 of whom were enrolled at IND.

Fred Fischer, iQueue’s Managing Partner said: “We expect to announce similar agreements with other U.S. airports in the near future, including those that formerly offered CLEAR lanes in addition to a host of new airports.”

The expedited security lanes are provided by the iQueue Priority Access operated by Cogent Systems.