Datastrip adds Iris capabilities to the new generation EasyVerify Mobile Biometric Reader
05 October 2010 20:35 GMT

Datastrip is pleased to announce that their EasyVerify handheld multi-modal biometric readers are now available with the MIRLIN Iris Recognition Engine from Smart Sensors Limited. The EasyVerify is a feature rich mobile terminal that can acquire multiple biometrics (iris, finger, face), that can read and process a wide range of optical and smart card based credentials, ID Cards, and travel documents. The EasyVerify contains an x86 processor, a QWERTY keyboard, a 3.7 inch 640 x 480 pixel colour LCD display, contactless smart card reader, and a FIPS 201/NIST SP 800-76 compliant fingerprint sensor. It can also be equipped with a variety of wireless and wired communications interfaces.

Datastrip’s iris camera is a fully featured 1.3 M pixel CMOS camera with near IR illumination. It delivers sharp iris images compatible with the ISO/IEC 19794-6 standard. The MIRLIN Iris Recognition Engine in conjunction with the EasyVerify terminal performs image quality assessment, iris template generation (image segmentation, image normalization, image encoding), and iris matching functions. It supports iris image capture, enrollment, and matching for one or two eye applications, and provides ID verification (1-to-1) and identification (1-to-N) solutions in either a standalone configurations or remote database / server networks. Smart Sensor’s new MIRLIN software also features the ability to read and write IREX Kind 3 and Kind 7 interoperable image formats, with storage sizes as low as 2,600 bytes.

Commenting on the development, Martin George, CEO of Smart Sensors said: “A particular capability of our iris recognition technology is its ability to run with uncompromised accuracy performance in devices that have a compact and highly efficient processing footprint, such as those running versions of Windows CE.NET. We see Datastrip’s EasyVerify mobile terminal as an excellent tool for service users who need a highly capable and rugged field device that offers reliable performance when reading the wide variety of biometrics and electronic ID documents that are increasingly being produced.”

The EasyVerify is the latest in the Datastrip product line to offer multi-modal biometrics for on-the-spot enrolment and verification in a small, lightweight device specifically designed for law enforcement, military, border management and many more identity management solutions that require ruggedness and the flexibility to operate in the harshest of environments.


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