Neurotechnology reveals new real-time face identification SDK
15 October 2014 15:36 GMT

The new version also can detect people among crowds and whether a person is entering or leaving a predefined boundary.

Lithuania-based biometric identification firm Neurotechnology has released a new version of its facial-recognition surveillance software which the firm says boasts a number of new features.

VeriLook Surveillance version 3.0 not only identifies faces in a crowd, it also detects and differentiates people from objects while they are moving through the video frame, said Neurotechnology.

The new version is also claimed to be able to detect if a person or object is entering or leaving a predefined boundary area and provides even faster face detection, improved face feature determination and emotion detection, including detection of smiles, added the firm.

"In this release of VeriLook Surveillance we have introduced new features, such as pedestrian detection, security zones and moving object tracking, all of which increase the flexibility of our product and allow our customers to apply it in many new and different ways," said Dr Raimond Laptik, surveillance research lead for Neurotechnology.

The company adds that the SDK’s face recognition algorithm enables detection of faces with up to 45 degrees out-of-plane rotation in yaw angle and uses motion prediction models to re-localize faces that have undergone full occlusion.

In August, Neurotechnology released the NCheck Bio Attendance 2.1 software solution, which uses fingerprint or face biometrics for tracking of time and attendance.