Black Sea national bank certifies biometric signatures
21 November 2014 14:03 GMT

Earlier this month, a StepOver signature solution was implemented in Great Britain's job centres.

German eSignature firm StepOver has revealed that the central bank for a unamed country in the Black Sea region has cerfitied usage of the firm's digital biometric signature solution.

The certification follows a testing process in which StepOver had to prove that the bio-data of the signature could not be reproduced. It also had to pass a graphologist test, showing that retrieved bio-data could successfully be used to identify the signer.

Stepover also had to demonstrate that the solution is compatible with the local laws and regulation regarding electronic signatures, privacy and banking data security.

The firm adds that the country has to remain unnamed because: "other vendors are still in process".

Earlier this month, StepOver revealed that its signature pads - alongside signature capture and verification software from one of it partners - would be implemented nationwide in job centres throughout Great Britain.

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