Credence ID praises fingerprint scanner integration
09 December 2014 16:49 GMT

Integrated Biometrics say the Watson Mini is the world’s smallest and lightest FBI-compliant fingerprint scanners.

The makers of a mobile biometric capture device that features iris, face and fingerprint identification say a fingerprint scanner developed by Integrated Biometrics has been a “star performer” since its integration earlier this year.

More than 500 units of Credence ID’s Trident biometric capture device have been sold since the integration of the Watson Mini, which Integrated Biometrics say is the world’s smallest and lightest FBI-compliant fingerprint scanners.

“The Watson Mini has been a star performer for the Trident, especially in difficult environments,” Credence ID President and CEO Bruce Hanson said, adding, “Integrated Biometrics’ technology meets our end users’ mobility requirements of size, speed, accuracy and durability".

The Trident collects simultaneous dual-iris images, with the roughly 2.5” square Watson Mini integrated on top of a device that runs an Android mobile operating system. The Trident has been deployed in Southeast Asia, where it is used for criminal booking, forensic adjudication, and interfacing with intelligence platforms.

“The strong sales of the Trident clearly demonstrate the value of the Watson Mini as the preferred solution for integration partners like Credence ID,” said Steve Thies, Integrated Biometrics CEO.

Thies said the Watson Mini’s compact size and accuracy provided by patented LES (Light Emitting Sensor) Technology gives it an edge over other two-finger roll scan mobile biometric fingerprint readers.