Orange includes facial recognition startup in programme
17 December 2014 12:48 GMT

Reminiz's tech identifies celebrities through smartphone cameras,

Telecommunication giant Orange has chosen Reminiz, a company which has developed facial recognition technology for television and enertainment applications, to be part of its Fab France business incubator programme.

With Reminiz, users take pictures of celebrities through smartphone cameras while watching television through set-top boxes or on online videos. Its app then links to information about the stars and their social media accounts.

"It feels good being at Orange Fab France, it's a really pragmatic program as its purpose is to integrate start-ups' services to Orange's services, " Alexis Kenda, chief marketing officer at Reminiz, told Planet Biometrics

"Start-ups are often stereotyping large groups as Orange where there is thousand of people to go through before reaching the good person.  Pascal Latouche, Orange Fab France's director always makes sure you end-up talking to the good person quickly. So it has been a really productive program. "

Reminiz describes its solutions as “the only face technology designed for media & entertainment”. It says that its API can be used in any connected devices, with technology that will identify any celebrity displayed on users’screen in real-time.

Reminiz also won this year’s 4G startup challenge run by Bouygues Telecom, and became a laureate of Microsoft Nokia Appcampus. Members of the Fab France business incubator programme can receive up to US$20,000 in funding and are able to join Orange demo days and conferences. 

Kenda said Reminiz has conducteda survey with lab'Orange that "has shown a few interesting things, including the fact that many people were interested in using Reminiz face recognition".

"So we are currently working hard at providing them with the best user experience.  2015 will be a challenging year as Reminiz will hit the market and we are really excited about that. "