Osram launches LED designed for smartphone iris scanners
17 December 2014 11:14 GMT

Osram said the led’s wavelength of 810 nm is particularly suited to iris scanning

German lighting firm Osram has introduced an infra-red LED that it says will be well-suited for adding iris scanning to phones and tablets.

The new IR Oslux SFH 4780S is the firm’s first infrared emitter with a wavelength of 810 nanometers (nm) and height of only 2.4 mm.

“This combination paves the way for compact energy-saving designs for reliable iris scanning functionality on mobile devices,” said Osram.

Osram said the led’s wavelength of 810 nm is “particularly suitable in this [iris scanning] because it provides high-contrast pictures of the irises of any colour at comparatively low levels of light”.

“The SFH 4780S is Osram's answer to the notorious problem of a lack of space in mobile devices,” said the company.

Oslux LEDs been used for visible lighting applications in mobile devices, such as camera flashes.