NEXT Biometrics shakes up fingerprint peripheral market with ‘Oyster’
19 February 2015 14:47 GMT

NEXT says the uniquely shaped device has been designed with a large active area to allow stable imaging.

Norwegian firm NEXT Biometrics has launched a new ergonomic USB desktop fingerprint peripheral known as the “Oyster" that the company says will buck a poor performance trend for previous sensor offerings for notebooks and tablets.

NEXT says the uniquely shaped device has been designed with a large active area to allow “stable imaging, intuitive user operation and ability to cope with mass market applications in need of both security and convenience”.

“Previous sensor offerings for notebooks and tablets have not resulted in a good user experience, as they were unreliable and, for the most part, left unused, “said NEXT Biometrics CEO Tore Etholm-Idsøe.

Designed for applications such as logical access control, Windows logon and Single Sign On, the NB-3010-U reader is based on NEXT 0510 chipset combined with a USB 2.0 controller. It is a turnkey solution designed for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 and compliant with and certified by Microsoft for Windows Biometric Framework, with support for other operating systems available on request, the company added.

“The NB-3010-U fingerprint area sensor product will serve as an easily available reference design, where customers can experience proof-of-concept at a low cost”, said Etholm-Idsøe.

“It is a high quality fingerprint sensor that is tolerant against dirt, grease and various conditions like wet and cold fingers. In addition to being a reference design, we will also sell the sensor as an evaluation kit via the web. ”

The USB sensor works with a patented “NEXT Active Thermal principle”, which the firm says will make it more tolerant against dirt, grease and varying environmental conditions.

Earlier this week, Dutch authentication company Authasas said it had integrated the 3010-U single fingerprint scanner with its solutions.  

"Authasas helps companies to protect their data with strong authentication” says Radek Matyasek, VP Sales EMEA at NEXT Biometrics. “When you use Authasas Advanced Authentication middleware together with our biometric reader, you can be sure that the right person accesses your company information. Additionally the software is user friendly and supports additional factors of authentication, so customers have the flexibility in deploying strong, multi factor authentication in combination with our fingerprint reader.”