Novetta plans fingerprint vulnerability webinar and connect:ID demo
31 March 2015 10:45 GMT

The webinar will be held on 18 March.

Analytics and security firm Novetta plans to hold a web discussion on fingerprint systems for biometric security ahead of a live demonstration on the subject at the connect:ID conference in Washington on 23-25 March.

Novetta says the webinar will explores the types of sensors frequently deployed for different applications and their respective vulnerabilities to spoof attacks, including the level of effort required to create a successful spoof.

“Systems integrators and end users deploying new biometric systems, as well as those testing vulnerabilities in existing systems, need to understand the risks that spoof attacks pose”, wrote the firm in a statement.

“Although much media attention has been focused on sensational biometric fingerprint spoofs, such as gelatin fingerprints, the true threat of fingerprint spoofing to deployed biometric systems can vary widely.”

The webinar, to be held on 18 March from 1-2pm EST, can be accessed through registering here.

Examples will be drawn from two case study research efforts conducted by Novetta on spoofing capacitive fingerprint sensors and, secondly, the effects of scarring and skin grafting on fingerprint match rates.

Novetta will also be showcasing spoofing techniques at the connect:ID expo, 23-25 March 2015 in Washington, DC at Booth 503.