Philippine police unveil new fingerprint ID system
18 June 2015 15:08 GMT

The Philippine National Police have revealed a new automated fingerprint ID system that can store and compare five million fingerprint sets.

Officials said it will replace a manual system that can only store one million fingerprints.

Chief Superintendent Ma Theresa Ann Cid, director of the PNP Crime Laboratory, said the system is capable of comparing up to 10 “nominees” or data which are most similar to the fingerprints encoded from a suspect.

The PNP said it is also planning to create a database where they can compare latent fingerprints found at crime scenes for easier identification of suspects.

PNP officials said phase 1 of the project cost P500 million (US$11 million), which was provided for by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), and that the government will spend P270 million (US$6 million) on the second phase.

Police chief Superintendent Augusto Marquez said at the launch that all police stations nationwide will be equipped with biometric scanners to take fingerprint data and that these can access the database in real-time.

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