SpeechPro and PenRad to bring voice biometrics to healthcare industry
21 July 2015 14:50 GMT

The power of voice biometrics is brought to the healthcare sector

SpeechPro, a provider of voice-based biometric solutions, and PenRad, a solutions provider in the healthcare sector, are working together to bring touchless data entry through voice biometrics to hospitals and clinics.

In a statement the companies said that SpeechPro’s voice biometric technology and PenRad’s Applicadia technology will allow staff to perform all their data-entry through validated voice. Advantages, the companies claim, include mitigation of disease transmission, improved security, and increased professional productivity.

According to the companies, close to 100,000 people die of healthcare associated infections (HAI’s) each year, with both staff and patients at risk of disease transmission. Meanwhile, tablets, phones and smart watch technologies can now offer real-time “touchless” digital data-entry – so enhancing productivity.

To use the system, hospital staff enrol in the system by speaking to create a unique biometric voiceprint – so as to eliminate separate login routines. If a nurse, for example, needs to input data into a patient’s medical record, they start speaking into a tablet or smart watch for data entry. As they speak the system automatically validates their identity via their security badge using the SpeechPro VoiceKey algorithm. The result is that no separate login is needed, little validation time is needed, and because the process is hands-free there are no germs spread, and data is directly entered in the EMR.