Verint integrates voice fraud solution with analytics
04 August 2015 14:30 GMT

Analytics company Verint has integrated a voice-biometrics based anti-fraud solution with an analytics service so call centres can easily sift through hours of recordings.

Verint’s Identity Authentication and Fraud Detection solution is being integrated with Verint’s Actionable Intelligence and Customer Analytics, which are all embedded into the company’s broader Customer Engagement Optimization portfolio.

Organisations can blend them into existing call recording solutions or install separately as a strategic initiative in contact center environments.

The improvement also features unification with Verint Desktop and Process Analytics to help identify and authenticate customers and give relevant guidance to employees as they engage with customers.

With the ability to now leverage Verint Speech Analytics, organizations can detect, analyze and act on opportunities and anomalies – providing a unified package to reduce risk and help increase customer loyalty. It also removes the “friction" from call center calls that ask all of those security questions.