US hands Thai police face recognition tech to find bomber
24 August 2015 09:20 GMT

The Thai prime minister has accepted an offer from the US ambassador for facial recognition technology for an investigation into a deadly bombing on a famous shrine.

Embassy spokeswoman Melissa Sweeney told The Associated Press the US stands ready to assist with the investigation as needed.

Earlier on Friday, Thailand’s national police chief had said facial recognition analytics could held the country identify the perpetrators in the bombing of Erawan shrine.

Somyot Poompanmoung told reporters this week that biometrics technology would help speed up the investigation.

"There are automatic machines that can detect 100 people within 5-6 seconds," Somyot said Thursday. "Making people sit and do the job would take all day."

Police have released a sketch of a suspect - depicting him with eyeglasses and bushy, black hair - and offered a reward that on Friday was raised to 3 million baht ($85,000).

Among the 20 people killed, six have been identified as Thai and four as Malaysians, four from mainland Chinese, two from Hong Kong including a British citizen, one Indonesian and one Singaporean. Two victims remain unidentified.

Fcial recognition helped identify one of the 2013 Boston bombers. NEC's NeoFace Facial Recognition Software solution achieved high accuracy in an independent study conducted by Michigan State University (MSU), identifying a suspect from the recent Boston Marathon Bombing.

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