BAE invests in Smart Sensors technology
05 November 2010 11:40 GMT

BAE invests in Smart Sensors

BAE Systems has invested £0.5 million to develop and enhance the iris recognition capability of UK-based algorithm specialists Smart Sensors during a nine month development project funded by its Investment In Innovation (I3) programme.

This project is expected to deliver the next generation of iris recognition systems where enhanced algorithms and imaging techniques work together to capture and recognise the iris information of people whilst they are on the move. The companies anticipate that the project will enable more robust recognition, allow its use in open environments and advanced security systems.

Working primarily with small and medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and academia, BAE Systems’ Investment In Innovation (I3) programme is a multi-million pound annual investment fund. It supports organisations in developing technologies for the company’s defence and security customers. It also provides non-financial support, drawing upon BAE System’s engineering, project management and technology resources including test and evaluation facilities.

David Mullin, BAE Systems Investment In Innovation Manager, said, “Iris recognition is a key component of the biometrics theme that BAE Systems are pursuing through its Investment In Innovation programme. Smart Sensors have recognised capability and established intellectual property in this space. Working with us on this important development project will support the broader application of this powerful capability to meet the needs of our defence and security customers.”

Martin George, CEO of Smart Sensors, said, “We see BAE Systems’ investment in us as a true win-win opportunity. Smart Sensors, as an SME, gets stable funding to focus on building our technology capability in the key area of acquiring iris biometrics from moving subjects. BAE Systems gains access to our technology to deploy in security applications which are forming a growing part of its business strategy.”