Next Biometrics sensors chosen for Dell notebook, tablet range
27 October 2015 12:19 GMT

Fingerprint sensors developed by Norway’s Next Biometrics have been deployed in a range of Dell’s 2016 Commercial and Ruggedized market Notebook and Tablet products.

Next Biometrics has not specificed which excact sensor will be used.

Tore Etholm-Idsoe, CEO of NEXT, said, "We are proud Dell selected NEXT fingerprint sensors and pleased Dell is the first top-tier Notebook and Tablet manufacturer to recognize that larger sensors are vital to reliably secure, convenient and consistently accurate fingerprint readings."

Etholm-Idsoe added, "An extensive comparative test executed by the University of Madrid, a leader in biometric research, recently documented NEXT sensor performance quality and that size is key to fingerprint sensor system performance. Suppliers targeting to offer security and convenience for close to 100% of a population can simply not compromise on sensor size. Nor, can they offer the old swipe sensor format. NEXT sensors are up to 70% less expensive than comparable-sized competitor fingerprint sensors, which allows manufacturers to offer their customers consistent security and convenience at mass market compatible prices."

Etholm-Idsoe noted in an interview with Planet Biometrics last month that fingerprint sensors will increasingly be returning to laptops and other devices.

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