Extenua and ImageWare launch Cloud2Drive on Amazon
10 November 2015 16:39 GMT

Enterprise security software firm and multi-modal biometrics company ImageWare have announced that their strategic partnership has gone live on Amazon Web Services.

The partnership was formed to combine Extenua's Cloud2Drive storage product with ImageWare's patented mobile, multi-modal biometric GoVerifyID product.

Cloud2Drive client software coupled with GoVerifyID puts cloud storage to work with the virtual drive cluster file system, SAFE AI.

This includes an encryption system and ImageWare's mobile application that provides out-of-band biometric authentication from any mobile device. Together, they create an end-to-end secure cloud storage platform for office and mobile devices.

"Extenua's Cloud2Drive makes shared cloud storage secure, easily accessible and simple to deploy, regardless of the enterprise's existing cloud storage provider," said Steve Visconti, CEO of Extenua.

"Security is a challenge for enterprises, both large and small, and many would like to take advantage of a productive and secure cloud storage solution for their mobile workforce. We now offer the best encryption techniques and multi-modal biometric identity management software to address this challenge and provide an unprecedented level of security to companies utilizing cloud storage, whether it is public, private, or hybrid."

"Cloud2Drive, with integrated out-of-band biometric identification, represents a new level of highly secure platforms required for today's cloud and on-premise storage networks," said Tom Suder, Mobilegov's President. "Combining Cloud2Drive and ImageWare GoVerifyID into a single platform plays an important role in countering threats to our cyber networks."

"Cloud2Drive is already a 'best-in-class' cloud storage product, and the addition of GoVerifyID and multi modal biometrics has now made it even better by adding both security and ease of use features," said Jim Miller, chairman and CEO of ImageWare. "We are pleased to partner with Extenua to make biometric authentication available to the cloud storage market. Together, we provide the most advanced level of data security the industry has been looking for."

ImageWare will be exhibiting at connect:ID 2016, 14-16 March, Washington DC. connect:ID is an international conference and exhibition that focuses on all aspects of identity technologies and the opportunities for their management in both the physical and digital worlds. www.connectidexpo.com