Cognitec upgrades face recognition software for eGates
13 April 2016 15:38 GMT

German facial recognition firm Cognitec has released a new software version for its face recognition technology used in eGates for automated passport control procedures.

FaceVACS-Entry combines hardware for facial image acquisition with software for verification processes at electronic gates (eGates) for border control checkpoints.

Cognitec notes that the new software release, FaceVACS-Entry 5.3, includes Cognitec’s latest matching algorithm B10 and generates higher accuracy rates for passport images with low resolution and other image quality problems.

Cognitec also said it has optimized the performance of FaceVACS-Entry’s unique presentation attack detector, which recognizes fraudulent attempts to use photos, videos or masks.

Cognitec also improved various user experience features. Persons entering the gate can overlay the moving contour around their live facial image with a static head silhouette in an optimal position for face recognition measures. The display also alerts users to remove sunglasses. Additional feature upgrades provide system administrators with more streamlined calibration and configuration procedures.

Since the introduction of FaceVACS-Entry in 2014, Cognitec has spent significant development efforts to advance product utilities and respond to increasing demand for accurate, fast and convenient face recognition technologies at borders.