SDW 2016 conference to address emerging identity trends
18 April 2016 16:50 GMT

Science Media Partners Ltd, organiser of the world-leading security document conference and exhibition SDW 2016, has revealed more details of the event’s wide-reaching conference agenda, underlining the show’s efforts to cover emerging global identity trends.

The SDW 2016 conference, which will be held over 10-12 May 2016 at the QEII Centre in London, plans to provide deep insight into evolving industry developments through sessions on border security and document design, as well as on major passport and digital identity implementations.

Led by government and expert speakers, this approach is characterised by examples such as the Projects in Focus: Grand Designs sessions, which will see government representatives of the UK, Israel, the Philippines and the EU address discuss major nationwide projects.

Presentations covering future ePassport technologies will discuss the latest security features, with innovative solutions such as Ireland’s selfie-enabled passport card also given in-depth coverage.

On eID issues, trailblazers Estonia, Finland and Azerbaijan will give exclusive insight into its next-generation eiD programmes.

Document security and migration

Issues surrounding border security and document design, driven by migration and terrorism trends, are set to take centre stage at the event.

For example, there will be an analysis of 2D barcodes in Syrian Passports – a way to tell genuine from false (in a government-only session).

Speakers will also cover document fraud at the border, fraud detection trends and innovative secure document design techniques.

Emerging digital and mobile identity trends are also being given extensive coverage by prominent speakers, with officials playing prominent roles in the Australian and UK programmes, as well as from non-Anglo-Saxon countries, giving insight into their progress.

Free exhibition

Finally, the expanded, free-to-visit SDW exhibition is also the largest of its kind in the world, featuring 130 international exhibitors showcasing identity technologies and solutions.

SDW 2016 conference places can be secured by booking online at