Biometric startup becomes part of Welsh govt programme
09 May 2016 15:38 GMT

A Swansea-based biometric startup called The Assemblers has secured funding through the Welsh Government’s Business Wales Accelerated Growth programme.

Created by The Alpha Trust (Global) Ltd is a not for profit organisation, The Assemblers is team of employees, including some with learning disabilities, who are building, testing and dispatching biometrics products including fingerprint scanners for access at housing association homes.

The startup has become the first social enterprise to join the Welsh Government’s Business Wales Accelerated Growth Programme (AGP), a £20m service aimed at creating more than 10,000 jobs for Wales.

“The Assemblers are building a patented technology that can help housing associations in Wales save thousands every year, so our first priority is to help speed up the adoption of this technology. But we’re also keen to help the Alpha Trust exploit its export potential, which will go on to create more jobs in South Wales for people with learning disabilities. As a result of our input so far, The Assemblers’ first Welsh contract is already under negotiation”, said Lee Cecil, CEO at Asiant Capital.

“I believe we need more companies like this in Wales joining the scheme, as social enterprises in Wales have huge growth potential. Not-for-profit businesses can not only grow and make money, but they do it for the benefit of local communities and society rather than shareholders. It’s a winwin for the Welsh economy and the Welsh people.”

The programme is being delivered through a consortium lead by Winning Pitch and Impact Innovation who both have a proven track record as high growth specialists. The support will provide The Assemblers with access to professional advisory services to support the company’s growth and export potential.