POMM develops biometric smartphone case
06 July 2016 14:28 GMT

Tech startup POMM has developed a phone case which it says aims to add privacy features and biometric authentication to most smartphones.

POMM says its hardware bypasses cloud based systems, providing a security and privacy platform designed to protect the data in your mobile devices.

It uses an isolated add-on electronic case device, connected to the smartphone through a USB cable and “advanced isolated biometric sensors to authenticate the rightful owner of the device”.

Meanwhile it also provides full encryption of all stored data in the separate add-on case flash memory and “Physiological sensors, which confirm the user is not an imposter, is alive and not under coercion”.

“Users have a full range of privacy management options to ensure separate secure storage and retrieval of passwords, text messages, emails, contacts, phone logs, sensitive documents and more - preventing them from falling into the wrong hands.”