Wacom reveals new signature pad
21 July 2016 13:36 GMT

Electronic signature solution firm Wacom Co has unveiled a new addition to its signature pad portfolio, the STU-430V.

In a statement, the firm said the new pad adds to its growing support for handwritten in virtualised desktop environments.

Wacom said that the STU-430V’s connectivity options enable it to be installed in a variety of terminal server environments, allowing a broader audience to implement signature pads from the global leader in dedicated signature capture devices.

The STU-430V is designed to support virtualised desktop environments, including Citrix v6.5, by using a virtual COM port connection over USB. It emulates a serial connection, but uses a physical USB connection to the client terminal. If the user ever migrates to an environment that does not require the virtual serial mode, such as Citrix v7.6.3 or newer, the STU-430V can be set for standard USB connectivity.

“The way in which we work in many professions has changed drastically over the last decade. We are seeing an increase in deployments of various different terminal server environments that bring greater security and compliance, cost-effectiveness and easy-to-manage solutions to enterprise operations. We have also seen a growing desire to collect signatures for eDocuments in that space,” said Shigeki Komiyama, Wacom’s EVP and head of Business Solutions Business Unit. “The STU-430V expands Wacom’s ability to meet those needs in a paperless environment.”