Terry Hartmann
07 December 2017 17:02 GMT

Terry Hartmann

Terry Hartmann is Vice President Asia Pacific at Cognitec Systems Pty Ltd, where he leads business development and client relations.

Previously he was Vice President for Unisys Security solutions worldwide, where he was responsible for developing and implementing the Unisys people identity security strategy with particular emphasis on growing trusted identity solutions programs.

Terry has more than 30 years experience in the IT industry and is an internationally recognized authority in the biometrics industry. His opinion, insight and counsel is regularly sought by government and commercial organizations the world over. He has spoken at over 60 conferences internationally on identity matters.

Terry continues to play a role in the development of biometrics standards for positive-identification as a technical expert to the International Standards Organisation (ISO) on biometrics specializing in facial recognition, and he was the author for the ISO Facial Image Standard 19794-5. He has also been extensively involved with ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) which is responsible for setting world standards for travel documents. He was Chairman of the ICAO ePassports Task Force for its duration, and in that context coined the term “ePassport” to describe more simply “contactless integrated circuit biometric passports”. Terry has served on the Board of Directors for the Australian Biometrics Institute.

Prior to joining Unisys, Terry was responsible for leading-edge research and development, strategic planning and implementation of business process transformation in his role as IT Manager for the Australian Passport Office. He played a key role in establishing the Australian public sector as a world leader in identity technology.

Terry has a Bachelor of Science degree specializing in honors level Computer Science and Pure Mathematics from the Australian National University, in Canberra.