Peter Went
27 May 2011 13:33 GMT

Peter Went

Peter Went is the Chief Executive Officer of WCC, where his role is to oversee the company’s operations in The Netherlands and the United States.

Mr. Went founded WCC in 1996 after a frustrating search for a new house exposed the fact that existing database technologies were ill-equipped for performing certain types of searches. This revelation led him to develop a search tool that worked more like the human mind, and set the foundation for WCC’s ELISE fuzzy database technology.

Today, ELISE can best be seen as a platform for smart identity search and match
uniquely suited for large scale identification through multi modal fusion, that uses all available data, whether biographic or biometric, to successfully expose fraud or even unintentional duplication for a more secure identification repository.

Prior to WCC, Peter Went held a number of leadership positions with different high tech companies. He served as CTO of Quality System Development, which developed and marketed an integrated banking system for European banks. He also was Founder & CEO of UniSoft, where he orchestrated the company’s expansion into Prague.

Being an internationally recognized expert in relational database systems, Mr. Went speaks regularly at number of occasions, including IBM Guide event, Security Symposium, biometrics events like BCC in Florida, Biometrics in London or ID World in Milan.