Uruguayan airport deploys Vision-Box border solution
25 August 2016 13:16 GMT

Montevideo’s Carrasco International Airport this week inaugurated an integrated border control solution developed by Portuguese eBorder firm Vision-Box.

Carrasco International Airport has deployed Easy Airport, a programme that is offering passengers, for the first time in the country, self-service Automated Border Control, reinforced by the simultaneous modernization of assisted procedures.

Integrating both Automated and manual Border Control, the solution was designed and implemented by Vision-Box.

According to Eng. Ricardo Cerri, CTO at Puerta del Sur:“The new procedure will have a huge impact in streamlining passenger journey at the airport, especially with the reduction of waiting times. We are expecting a reduction of transaction times per person in migratory procedures to drop around 65%.”

Puerta del Sur S.A. is part of Corporación America and concessionary of the Carrasco International Airport. Puerta del Sur and the National Direction of Migration of Uruguay have been developing together a significant transformation of their Border Control Procedures, in the scope of SISCA, a comprehensive program that analyzes, develops and makes use of the best technologies and procedures to control and secure airport facilities, verify travelers and cargo, as well as facilitate passengers along their airport journey.

In a statement, Vision-Box noted that a robust bank of vb i-match eGates is operational at arrivals offering a full self-service experience and ensuring passport authentication, background checks and biometric passenger verification.

The system compares the facial image stored in the chip of the passengers’ passport against the live captured image, making sure that the traveler has a valid document and is the genuine owner of the document.

Manned control booths have also been endowed with new touchpoints to optimize processes: vb AIC desktops (Automated Immigration Control) are being used to assist Border Guards in identifying passengers.

Easy Airport is available for all international flights. Eligible travelers are all Uruguayan citizens with electronic document (Passport or Identity Card with chip) older than 18 years; in the future, Argentine travelers are expected to be able to use the eGates.

Jean-François Lennon, Vice-President for Global Business Development & Sales of Vision-Box, has predicted that “aligned with the vision of Corporación America, the airport itself and the country, this solution is expected to grow even further towards a completely self-service integrated passenger experience, processing all passengers arriving or departing, connecting all entry and exit touch points.”