Tampa county backs down on Uber fingerprint issue
30 September 2016 14:09 GMT

A biometric background check dispute between ride-sharing apps like Uber and Hillsborough County in Florida has eased after the parties came to an arrangement. But it is still not over

Under a temporary deal, Uber agreed to pay the Public Transportation Commission (PTC) a $250,000 licensure fee. Lyft will have a lower fee of $150,000 because they have fewer cars on the road.

Earlier this month, politicians and tourist officials objected when the PTC said it would require fingerprint background checks, mandatory $7 minimum fares and seven minute minimum wait times.

The ridesharing companies and the PTC have now agreed to a 15-month temporary operating agreement that establishes requirements including a thorough screening process for drivers transporting passengers, auto liability insurance requirements, steep licensure fees, and vehicle age and inspection provisions.

While background checks must be done on drivers, and all cars must display the company decal while operating – fingerprints will not be required.

This issue has been a major point of contention for Uber and Lyft in negotiations.

However, the agreement is temporary, and could only become official if the PTC votes in favour of it at the next meeting on October 13.

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