Users enable Sony fingerprint sensor with firmware flash
06 October 2016 16:42 GMT

Owners of the Sony Xperia XZ and X Compact units in the US have found that the phones have a fingerprint scanner which can be enabled with a simple firmware upgrade.

All users have to do is to flash the unit to a different region (say, the UK).

On the phone’s release, critics took aim at its lack of a sensor.

During a recent conference call with Don Mesa of Sony Mobile earlier this month, he stated that a "business decision" influenced the “remova”l of the embedded fingerprint sensor in the US versions of Sony's recent lineup of phones.

Mesa told TechRadar that the specific reason you won't find any biometrics in a Sony phone this year is that "it was essentially a business decision we needed to make as we transitioned from the carrier market to the unlocked market.

"In the quick transition, there were a lot of factors that surprised us in terms of areas we needed to check off to enter the unlocked market."