ThermalTake unveils fingerprint-reading gaming mouse
14 October 2016 13:26 GMT

Gaming tech firm ThermalTake eSports has revealed a new mouse that has a fingerprint reader.

The Black FP mouse uses a Fido-enabled sensor to allow you log into Windows, Facebook, and many other websites without the use of a typed password. It also makes use of 256-bit AES encryption to provide a fast and secure experience.

Tt claims that the sensor takes only 0.2 seconds to read your fingerprint and match it to the one the server has on file. The sensor is located on the left, front part of the mouse where you thumb would normally be.

The actual mouse features an Avago 9500 laser sensor with 5700 max DPI adjustable in increments of 100. There are buttons on the top of the mouse to change between four programmable profiles as well as seven programmable buttons of 35 macros across five profiles. The weight tray contains five 4.5g weights, should you need them.