FPC and Precise Biometrics work with South Korea’s SK telecom
14 October 2016 13:31 GMT

Fingerprint Cards has revealed that its new customer SK telecom recently launched their new smartphone Luna S featuring Fingerprint Cards’ touch sensor FPC1145.

FPC says SK telecom is the number one network operator in South Korea – this is their first product launch with Fingerprint Cards. 

The touch sensor FPC1145 offers excellent 3D pixel sensing technology that reads virtually any finger: dry or wet. Its elongated shape enables flexible design integrations with high performance, maximizing security and speed for the end user.

“We are proud to be selected by SK telecom to supply our FPC1145 in their new Luna S smartphone. SK telecom has got extensive experience in mobile network technology and service and are rapidly moving beyond the Korean market to become a global Information and Communication Technology leader. This is their first launch featuring our products”, says Christian Fredrikson, CEO Fingerprint Cards.

Precise Biometrics also confirmed that its algorithm solution for fingerprint recognition in mobile devices, Precise BioMatch Mobile, has through cooperation Fingerprint Cards been deployed in a smartphone from a South Korean vendor.

Precise Biometrics is currently projecting the integration will generate royalty revenue starting from the fourth quarter of 2016. Royalty revenue is based on actual sales of fingerprint sensors that utilize Precise BioMatch Mobile and cannot be forecasted by Precise Biometrics at this point.