Safran unveils MorphoTablet 2
29 November 2016 05:58 GMT

Safran Identity & Security has launched its MorphoTablet 2. This multi-functional tablet is designed for mobile biometric acquisition and matching.

According to the company, MorphoTablet 2 builds upon the successes of its predecessor, used in a variety of applications and markets throughout the world, including civil registration and election programmes in Africa, time & attendance and border control operations in Europe and electronic customer registration (eKYC) procedures in Asia. 

Safran says: “The touchscreen Android device offers 4G high speed data transfer. Its 13 mega-pixel camera with dual illumination system captures high definition portraits in poor lighting conditions and reads barcodes and passport Machine Readable Zones (MRZ).”

The company adds: “The tablet is designed for on-the-spot identity verification for travellers at borders, voters in polling stations, drivers, employees clocking in/out, students passing an exam, and patients receiving care. This is enabled by Safran's fingerprint and facial algorithms which deliver one-to-many on device matching, against large databases stored in the device's internal memory, and by a complete eDocument (contact and contactless) reading capability: ePassports, ID cards, driving licenses and corporate badges.

It is delivered with either a proprietary suite of applications or a Software Development Kit (SDK) for integrators to custom build applications.