Fingerprint Cards launches FPC1300 series
02 December 2016 10:35 GMT

Fingerprint Cards launches FPC1300 series

Fingerprint Cards has launched a new series of fingerprint touch sensors called the FPC1300 series. The new series of touch sensors are designed specifically to be integrated into smart cards.

The FPC1300 series is Fingerprint Cards` first offering which enables fingerprint touch sensors to be integrated into applications where the thinness of the sensor is essential, such as smart cards. This is in accordance with Fingerprint Cards’ go to market plan for this segment, where Fingerprint Cards have several strategic partners and some of these have been showcased to the markets recently.

According to Fingerprint Cards, the smart card segment can include several types of cards and can be used for various applications, for example access cards, identification and payment. Biometric payment cards have the highest volume and growth potential, mainly driven by consumer adoption of contactless payment and the demand for further security and convenience. The growing acceptance and use of biometrics in smartphones is a further driving force. The market for biometric smart cards is expected to take off in 2017 with volumes coming in 2018.

“This is an exciting and important launch for us. The biometric market is moving rapidly, so focusing on the right innovations is essential in order to stay ahead of the competition,” says Christian Fredrikson, CEO, Fingerprint Cards. “The development of the FPC1300 series is a natural step in our continuous broadening of our product portfolio anchored in the needs and demands of the market and end users. With this launch we continue to strengthen our market position and take biometrics into new segments,” says Christian Fredrikson, CEO, Fingerprint Cards.

Fingerprint Cards says the sensors in the FPC1300 series come with signature features such as FPC OneTouch for fast wake-up authentication. The sensors’ low power consumption makes it possible to run the fingerprint system only on the power generated by the card reader’s NFC field when the card communicates in a contactless mode with the card reader. Previously, Fingerprint Cards customers Zwipe and Kona-I have launched products featuring sensors from the FPC1300 series.