Finnish police want face recognition surveillance
15 December 2016 15:53 GMT

Police in Finland are exploring the national legalities behind implementing facial recognition tech in various settings.

A working group at Finland's National Police Board has began to explore how the biometrics technology could piggyback the country’s surveillance network, reports yle.

The current manual video analytics process is time consuming and also susceptible to human error, according to the National Bureau of Investigation's Arto Tuomela.

Currently, Tuomela says police are unable to properly process all of those surveillance camera images and video.

"The new technology could help to speed up a criminal investigation," Tuomela says.

He says that acquiring facial recognition technology would help to reduce law enforcement's workloads. Such technology is already in widespread use by government agencies in countries like China, the US, Australia and New Zealand. The technology is either implemented or being examined by officials in countries across Europe and in the UK.

Tuomela says that Finland may be able to start using facial recognition tech in two years, at the earliest.