Norwegian police may gain access to biometric smartphones
29 December 2016 13:49 GMT

A senior Norwegian official has suggested that police should be able to force access to smartphones protected by biometric security.

Justice Minister Anders Anundsen (FRP) sent last week a proposal to allow the police to use force to gain access to computer systems with biometrics, such as fingerprints, eye iris and voice control,reports

Last February, a man suspected of drug possession in Norway was already ordered to use his fingerprint to unlock an iPhone the police believes stores crucial evidence.  

Opposition politicians have however raised privacy issues.

“I will not reject the proposal altogether, but will see the objections first”, says Liberal Party (Venstre) politician Iselin Nybø to VG.

Naturally, police agree with the proposal

“I do not think this is very intrusive. The police must be able to open a phone if it is essential to solve a crime”, says Bjørn-Erik Thon, director of The Norwegian Data Protection Authority, reports the Norwegian newspaper.