Gentex embeds biometric car security in rear view mirror
04 January 2017 15:09 GMT

Automotive tech firm Gentex has revealed a biometric system that authenticates a driver and personalises settings through cameras integrated into the car’s rear view mirror.

The firm says that when the driver enters the vehicle, the system quickly identifies the driver and changes setting. While it has not confirmed if it uses iris or facial recognition, a promo image suggests the former.

If authorized, start the car and personalize setup by automatically adjusting mirrors, steering wheel, seat, music favourites, GPS locations, etc. The system would also provide added security for home automation services and vehicle transactions.

The biometric solution is part of Gentex’s new camera monitoring system (CMS), which uses three cameras to provide a comprehensive view of the sides and rear of the vehicle.

The side-view cameras are discretely housed in reduced-sized, exterior mirrors. Their video feeds are combined with that of a roof-mounted camera and stitched together into multiple composite views that are streamed to the driver via a unique mirror-integrated display.