KPMG predicts rise in biometrics use in 2017
09 January 2017 15:28 GMT

Global accounting firm KPMG has predicted that biometrics will rise in importance for firms securing critical data as hackers get “more creative” in 2017.

In a prediction of trends for this year, KPMG said the security and business community realize they need better ways to authenticate.

The IOT will be a key battleground, with “misconfigured devices, default passwords, obsolescent operating systems and out of sight devices.”

This will become more crucial as fraudsters turn to ransomware that is “smarter and more targeted” as the year progresses, supported by the “as-a-service” model of the dark web.

David Ferbrache, technical director in KPMG’s cybersecurity practice, made the predictions in his 10 expected trends of the coming year.

Ferbrache argued that companies are increasingly aware of the need for “multi-factor authentication (including biometrics), behavioural analysis and contextual information to make judgements on whether the user really is who they say they are; and just how risky their attempted transaction really is.”

Ferbrache also predicted that the coming year would see cybercrime gangs increasingly leverage cheap labor and sophisticated tools to target victim organisations.