Transmit Security launches with biometric enterprise plans
11 January 2017 16:18 GMT

A new security startup has launched with plans to make it easier for developers to implement biometric authentication.

Called Transmit Security, the firm wants developers to have an easier way to implement more advanced authentication techniques such as eye, fingerprint or facial recognition, via a user’s mobile device.

The company says its solution minimize the authentication/fraud problem, while simplifying log ins, using biometrics. Its platform allows developers to add these advanced authentication techniques via APIs and a simple rules engine.

“Other authentication platforms are single purpose — facial or eye or touch ID or fingerprint or voice — and require going through a [lengthy] software development lifecycle and code-level modifications to the application in order to deliver authentication via a user’s mobile device. The customer has to integrate many of these through coding. The Transmit platform eliminates the need to code, and complex use cases can be written in policy in a matter of minutes,” CEO and co-founder Rakesh Loonkar explained to Tech Crunch.

The real advantage, according to Loonkar is how quickly developers can implement a biometric solution. “A big benefit [of our approach] is that you don’t have to invest thousands of development hours on every project,” he said.

The solution can be installed on-prem in a data center or private cloud, or in the public cloud. Regardless, the application turns over control of authentication to Transmit’s servers, wherever they are installed, and it handles the rest according to whatever methods the developers have defined.