Tascent launches iris and face recognition system
16 January 2017 16:56 GMT

Biometrics and identity solutions company Tascent has unveiled a new iris and face recognition system designed for high throughput enrollment, identification, and authentication.

Called InSight One, the firm says the small form factor device has been designed for applications in consumer travel and border management, access control, financial services, and identity programs.

In a statement, Tascent noted that the InSight One captures dual iris and face images in about 2 seconds, working at a distance of 0.5 to 1.0m (20 to 40 inches) and accommodating users across a wide range of heights. The images meet or exceed demanding ISO / ICAO standards for format and quality, adds the company.

Tascent InSight One: A New Class of Iris & Face Recognition Systems from Tascent on Vimeo.

“After years of development leveraging the experience from processing tens of millions of passengers a year in our global deployments, Tascent is tremendously excited to announce the availability of InSight One,” says Joey Pritikin, VP of Marketing and Product Management at Tascent.

“We set out to create a product with the versatility of combined iris and face capture that would change perspectives on usability, performance, and design for biometric systems. The result is something that really connects with people while delivering outstanding biometric performance, unlike anything of its kind.”

Tascent offers different mounting options to integrate the devuce in desktop, e-Gate, and kiosk applications. The device is fully self-contained, providing Ethernet and USB interfaces to integrate with networked, PC-connected, and embedded solutions. 

“We have seen new and unprecedented demands for biometric authentication driven by the strong growth in international travel, the need to deliver robust services in healthcare, finance, and government, and the melding of our digital and physical worlds,” says Dean Senner, CEO of Tascent. “With InSight One, Tascent addresses these demands with a solution that is natural and trustworthy. The implications for delivering seamless, hassle-free security, efficiency, and personalization are profound.”

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