Nuance partners with BioCatch on fraud detection
14 February 2017 16:32 GMT

Voice biometrics and recognition firm Nuance has revealed plans to work with behavioural biometrics company BioCatch on anti-fraud solutions.

The firms said that through this partnership, Nuance will incorporate BioCatch’s behavioral biometrics data within its voice biometrics and facial biometrics platform.

“Integrating behavioural biometrics data strengthens Nuance’s fraud prevention capabilities further”, said Nuance noting that a typical modus operandi of a fraudster will involve different avenues within the bank to overcome their security layers.

“We are pleased to partner with BioCatch to bring enhanced fraud detection strategies to our Security Suite through behavioral biometrics,” said Robert Weideman, general manager and Executive Vice President, Enterprise Division, Nuance. “While we have a long legacy of successful, innovative biometrics deployments for authentication and to combat fraud, this partnership allows us to expand our fraud prevention offerings beyond the contact center to digital channels, in alignment with our omni-channel vision.”

“In today’s digital world, hackers have figured out how to bypass the initial authentication and piggyback on existing logins,” said Eyal Goldwerger, Chief Executive Officer of BioCatch. “One of the only ways to detect this is through continuous authentication and by extension, behavioral biometrics, because it works in the background, passively, without disrupting the user experience. By bringing together our behavioral biometrics and Nuance’s voice biometrics, we are able to solve this problem and secure transactions holistically across multiple channels. We are very pleased to be partnering with Nuance to provide a joint solution to the marketplace that addresses this rampant cyber threat, and to address the growing demand from the market today for a single suite to handle fraud prevention.”