Keyo launches palm payments
09 March 2017 16:37 GMT

Chicago-based biometrics payments startup  Keyo has launched a palm-vein based POS system.

The startup is cofounded by husband and wife duo Jason Klein and Cayetana Polanco, who previously worked on payment tech through clients of their development firm Invento Media, reports ChicagoInno.

We really see a future without keys, cards, wallets, IDs and tickets," said Klein.

The company has used Japanese tech company Fujitsu to develop Keyo's countertop payment terminal, and developed the proprietary software Keyo runs on in-house.

Users register for Keyo similar to other payment platforms--they create an account with their credit card information and receive a registration code on their phone. Here's where Keyo diverges: Users have to go to a store that uses Keyo, type in their code on the Keyo device, place their right hand over attached payment terminal and Keyo takes two infrared pictures of their unique pattern of palm veins.

That pattern is then encrypted, matched to account information and only retrieved during a transaction. To make a payment, users tap the screen to confirm the total, add a tip and place their palm over the device (which sits next to the cash register). That's it. There's also an online dashboard where users can track purchases.